Business Collages, Create-A-Story Collages, and Vintage Collages

About the Create-A-Story Collage

A Personal Gift Idea or an Effective Business Marketing Strategy

Watch this video to learn more about how our Create-A-Story Collages are the perfect personalized gift for your loved one. You will also find out how our collages can be a positive marketing tool for your business – providing powerful testimonials and visual representation of your company or of a new offering.

Business Collage

A Business Collage is a great way to collect company photos for a timeline, represent product and/or corporate divisions and celebrate important company anniversaries and so much more.

Create-A-Story Collage

Create a Story Collage is a one-of-a-kind art piece… the ultimate gift or lifetime keepsake.
Using your personal photos and collected articles, awards, certificates, news articles, maps, funny items (almost anything that can be scanned or photographed can be used), we create unique conversational art pieces for the home or office.

We begin with a scheduled interview to collaborate the best direction and plan for the collage.

  • Who is the intended recipient(s)
  • What is the occasion?
  • Presentation deadline? (allow for 4-6 weeks)
  • Finishing details? (Click link for the finishing details chart below or call us for all your options)

The final piece is printed and finished (any size) on high quality materials (canvas, archival paper, and vinyl).

Click here for a printable pricing information sheet

Vintage Collage

The objective is to style the collage using your personal photos and add in other fun elements and some research to reflect the era – - Any sport or hobby can be reflected – - Make something totally unique and fun! So, don’t keep those magnificent treasured photos hidden away.

The examples below started with old photographs. Two different clients, two different grandfathers, both were boxers – Add a little research and retouch the photos and…a truly original gift idea!

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